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Google Home & Alexa

Alexa/Google Home

A smart home is never complete without Voice Control.

Integration with voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Home makes home control as easy as speaking.

“Dim the living room lights” – your system automatically lowers light intensity on a dimmer switch in the living room.

“Set kitchen temperature to 22 Degrees” – If it is above 22, your controller will turn on the A/C switch in the Kitchen. If it is below, the radiator valve in the kitchen and your boiler will be switched on.

“Hey Google, Goodbye” – Doors locked, lights off, shades down, appliances off, & security system armed. Yes! We can actually make this happen by simply saying goodbye.

“Alexa, open the garage door” – You no longer have to search for your remote to open for your guests.