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Smart Home & Office

Here's Why It's Awesome

We take home automation seriously here at DOMOTIKA!

The major difference between our solutions and other wireless automation providers is that we work closely to understand what our client wants and move on to create a tailored solution to fit his/her needs.

The basics of a smart home is to have internet enabled devices that communicate over Wi-Fi in order to turn on/off a device remotely, right? WRONG. At Domotika, we truly fulfill the definition of a smart home; a home that reacts to your needs and answers your questions. We offer a variety of brands/models that will meet your budget and your luxurious home-feel. From the conventional control of heating, cooling, lighting, shades, and entertainment going all the way to a fully integrated security system, touch switch panels, CCTV system, Intercom, and smart thermostat; we have it all under one roof!

Better yet, our systems are scalable and future-proof so that you won’t have to worry about a large investment on the spot. Simple to install & configure, wire-free, and completely reliable!

All you need to do is to call us on +961-70000862 for a FREE consultation and site survey.